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Käsinmaalatussa kuvassa pienet kuvat ihmisistä erilaisissa luovissa työtehtävissä muodostavat yhdessä laivan, joka seilaa aurinkoisella merellä. in a Nutshell:

A Handbook on Finnish Creative Economy and Industries

Creative industries are divided here in three business model groups: 

  • scalable businesses, such as entertainment industries games, tv and film, music

  • tailored service businesses (project based), such as design service for example service, strategic and legal design

  • unique and experience based businesses (e.g. events, performances) 


The biggest creative export industries in Finland are games, audiovisual production (tv, film, animation, postproduction) and music. Finland also has a strong legacy in design related industries (product design, service design, fashion) and literature.  We also foster a very vivid local performing arts sector. is a service provided for CI developers and advisors in different Finnish organizations in order to offer tools and terminology to the development work. 

At the moment, the content is available only in Finnish. Sorry. is provided by Business Finland/Creative Business Finland.

Interested in Finnish creative industries? Please take a look at Creative Finland's web site:

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